"Darren's been my secret weapon behind the scenes for almost 10 years now.

I call him "Skills" cause he basically has the super powers to do anything I don't want to do. He's a brainstormer and inventor too, which comes in handy in this schizophrenic music business where the rules and ways of doing things are rewritten day by day.

For every new little business idea I've executed over the years he's always been the guy I ride with out on the frontier.  Even when I had other official representation, I could always rely on Skills as a devil's advocate. His point counterpoint enriches any discussion, even if his point is that your idea is stupid and a waste of money. And yeah, he'll tell you that.

He has helped sequence my records. Tour managed my tours. Solved many puzzles of my publishing statements and record contracts. A&R'd records I've produced. Played bass on stage with me. Kept his eye on me when I needed that.  

‚ÄčAs a bonus, he has a library knowledge of all things hair metal and professional wrestling."

-Mike Viola, VP of A&R at Verve Records, singer / songwriter / producer ("Get Him To The Greek," "Walk Hard," "That Thing You Do!")

Darren Paltrowitz

"Darren Paltrowitz works hard for people with a level of sincerity and passion that is hard to find these days"

-Aaron Lee Tasjan, New West Records recording artist

"Darren helped me secure a record deal and publishing deal in Japan...Wouldn't have had 'em without him."

-Gabriel Mann, composer ("Modern Family," "Arrested Development," "Rectify")